Du fragst dich: Wie viel soll ich trainieren? Wie oft? Soll ich Kraftraining für SUP machen? Wie kann ich meine Technik verbessern und wie soll ich mich ernähren? SUP Training ist ein komplexes Thema.Das neue Buch von Chase Kosterlitz, ehemaliger SUP Weltmeister und Präsident hat die Antworten. Anders als viele (inbesondere die deutschprachigen) Bücher zum Thema Trainingswissenschaft / Training im Leistungssport, ist dieses Buch voll mit Fakten, lässt sich aber trotzdem lesen wie ein Roman. Es scheut sich nicht komplexe Sachverhalte in einfacher Sprache ohne viele Formeln zu erklären. Das Buch ist in englischer Sprache, hier ist die Beschreibung im O-Ton:

How much should I train? How do I improve my technique? What are the best nutrition and pacing strategies? What types of workouts do I need to do? How do I choose the right equipment? What is the best race strategy for drafting, race starts and buoy turning?

SUP TRaining BUch

If you answered YES to any of these questions, SUP Training The Smart Way is for you. “SUP Training The Smart Way” by former SUP World Champion Chase Kosterlitz will answer your questions and provide easy-to-follow steps for implementation and guaranteed improvement. Whether you are a beginner or advanced paddler, you will find useful tips and strategies in this ultimate SUP resource. The eBook gives everything you need to structure your SUP training with targeted exercises and strategies that will help you train and race smarter, not harder. Inside you’ll find step-by-step explanations accompanied by charts and graphs on technique optimization, specific heart rate based workouts, nutrition timing, race strategy, pacing, equipment selection, cross training and more. No topic is left uncovered.

This isn’t just another stroke technique breakdown, interval training workout or generalized recommendation for the things you need to do. This is actionable information directly from professional athlete experience and experts in the fields of nutrition, strength and conditioning and endurance training. The eBook also contains a 16-Week Basic SUP Training Program to help a beginner athlete successfully train for a 3 to 6-mile race. This program teaches the fundamentals of SUP training and outlines every workout needed to understand and implement a periodized training program.

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  • Basic Package 39.99$
  • Plus Package 129.99$ E-Book plus 12-Week Race Ready SUP Training Program (Beginner/Intermediate or Advanced Program for a 5-14-mile race)
  • Elite Package 249.99$ E-Book plus 12-Week Race Ready Training Program 5 One-On-One Virtual Coaching Sessions The most effective way to learn and improve with individualized critique from experienced coaches. Don’t second guess yourself, get coaching from the pros. Video Stroke Analysis

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